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Bright! Shiny! New!

2011 was one of the most exciting years for me, not just in business, but in LIFE! My business did great…sometimes TOO great. I’m pretty sure I spent nearly the entire months of September through December chained to my computer editing since I was so busy. Some parts of those months are honestly a blur of sleepless nights, overflowing inboxes, and declined social invitations. Would I trade it for the world? Nope! Would I ever over-book myself like that again? Nope! This year I’ve vowed to make my business the most efficient it could possibly be. This means not taking on too much so that I can take extra great care of my clients, and simplifying things on my end so that I can take extra great care of myself and our growing family…

31 weeks pregnant with my first baby!pintopinterest

In a little over a month we’ll welcome our first baby…a boy! I’ve been lucky enough to have the easiest pregnancy EVER so that those marathon months of being spread thin and under-slept were totally doable. But, this year being spread too thin will mean I’m missing out on more than just sleep, and I’m not cool with that! So, that brings us to this bright, shiny, new combined blog+website. Last year the main thing that got neglected on the business end of things was my blog. Sadly, I think the last post on it was in July. JULY! That’s not acceptable considering that after word of mouth, my blog was my next best source for new clients to me. I had a gorgeous website that I was updating constantly with new photos from my shoots, but since it was flash based, that meant it wasn’t easy to find if a client were searching for a wedding or portrait photographer in my area, and if you were on any sort of Apple mobile device, you couldn’t see it at all. That made me sad. As gorgeous as it was, my website wasn’t doing work for me. I wasn’t coming up AT ALL in google searches. Also, you can’t pin on flash-based sites. I would HATE to deprive fellow Pinterest addicts of the ability to pin my gorgeous clients! I know there are ways to really kick booty in the SEO department with a flash based website, but I am severely lacking in the geek ninja skills department. So that brings me here!  You can find the same information up on the menu bar that you could find on my old gorgeous website, and now so can google! Also, you’re now free to pin your heart out ♥

Another change is the actual web address! You now have one whole less word to type! The new address is simply! In about a month when the old website officially goes bye-bye I’ll forward to point here just incase anyone accidentally types the old address. If you subscribed to my old blog, you’ll want to click the “subscribe” icon below this post to update your feed. So, that’s about it! I like to consider this little move “virtual nesting”…and I’m sure my husband appreciates me taking out my nesting urges on the internet this past week instead of on the house!

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  • You go girl! I LOVE your new website. Congrats!ReplyCancel

  • Melissa E

    Well-done. It’ll be fun to watch your family and business grow. Continued good fortune!
    (aka IamPhoenix 😉 )ReplyCancel

  • Jamie Vesta

    Hey hey! Me and my bridesmaid’s legs made your homepage slideshow! 😉ReplyCancel

  • Linda

    THIS is a FANTASTIC new look!!! I’m so thrilled for all you have going on professionally and personally. A true testament that hard work, dedication and a heart that is committed to giving the best of oneself will always result in the best of life being given right back. You’re a boomerang, baby!ReplyCancel

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