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This sweet boy turned two this week! It really does seem like it was just last month that his mommy and I were both pregnant together, due just days apart from each other. It was so sweet to get to see just how silly his personality is at this age. Once he got warmed up to my camera, everything was a game to him and he sure thought it was funny! From picking his daddy’s nose, to spotting airplanes in the sky, once he let his guard down he was straight up in silly mode the littlest thing would make his whole little face light up and he would give us the best belly laughs!



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I’ve been looking forward to this session since August and sure enough once the date finally got here, it looked like absolute doom and gloom outside. That was not at all what we envisioned when we planned for the perfect fall engagement season with yummy golden light and blue skies so we pushed it back. Then the new day came, and we had 30mph winds…NOPE! Well, the third time we scheduled it was definitely the charm. The light was absolutely gorgeous, the leaves were all perfectly in the middle of changing colors, the sky was clear, and Nikki and Marc absolutely nailed it with their outfits! I also got to see a picture of Nikki’s wedding dress and it is to die for and seriously perfect for her Aristide Event Center wedding!  I gasped when I saw it! Nikki and Marc, I hope you love these as much as I do. I had so much fun with y’all and I’ll now be impatiently counting down the days until your wedding next fall so that I can see the look on Marc’s face when he sees his bride in that dress:-)


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When Jennifer told me she was looking at portraits of the Adams Family for inspiration for her shoot I was so excited! When when she showed up with this gorgeous chair and that KILLER Monique Lhuillier dress, I nearly died! Jennifer is a good friend of mine. The kind of friend who has probably never seen me wear makeup in real life and probably wouldn’t care if I showed up to her house not wearing proper pants. She’s so naturally gorgeous every day, but when I got out of my car that day and saw her in that dress with her makeup fully done by our ridiculously talented friend, Amy, my jaw DROPPED! And then seeing David in his tuxedo shirt and vest, and the kids all dressed up, it was seriously the best thing ever. I love this family!
DSC_8224pintopinterestDSC_8248bpintopinterestDSC_8269bpintopinterestDSC_8271bpintopinterestDSC_8318pintopinterestDSC_8330pintopinterestDSC_8345pintopinterestDSC_8413pintopinterestDSC_8432pintopinterestDSC_8448pintopinterestDSC_8450pintopinterestDSC_8469pintopinterestDSC_8485pintopinterestMakeup : Amy McDade
Accessories: Bitz N Pieces
Chair Rental: J. Crawford Agency
Dress: Monique Lhuillier

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I’ve gotten to photograph my sweet friends on the same weekend morning every year for the past three years now to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. Sweet Lyra is THREE now and oh so fun! She knows she’s going to be a big sister soon, but she also thinks maybe there’s a sister growing in her belly, too. If that’s not the cutest thing you’ve heard in a long time, then I don’t know what is! Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake has become one of my absolute favorite places to shoot this time of year. It’s gorgeous in the evenings, but nothing beats the light it gets in the mornings. It’s something out of a story book, for sure!


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You might remember this mommy’s gorgeous sun-kissed maternity photos from a little over a month ago. If you do, I’m sure you’re not surprised one bit by how beautiful Alisa and Rocky’s baby girl is! She’s got the sweetest little lashes and the most perfect little mouth, and she fits so snuggly right up on your shoulder like a little sack of sugar! Every time I’m around a new baby it takes me right back to those first few weeks of survival mode with my own newborns. The days are long and let’s be real here, the nights are even longer. But the weeks seem to fly past like minutes and the next thing you know your three year old, the one who sometimes still can’t sleep without touching you, is slamming the bathroom door in your face telling you “go away mom!” because for once they don’t feel the need to make the bathroom a family meeting place. Alisa, I know you haven’t slept much in the past 14 days, but let me tell you, you’re nailing this whole mom thing! Seeing you give your whole self to that sweet perfect baby girl makes me so proud and honored to call you my friend. You’re not just doing it. You’re doing it well. Now, can we please talk about how beautiful you look as a new mommy? Because it’s seriously unfair.

Nothing sweeter than a baby girl sleeping on daddy.pintopinterest


A new mommy and her first born child photographed for their Dallas lifestyle newborn session.pintopinterest

Taylor looked sweet as can be in her seafoam green nursery during her dallas lifestyle newborn photo session.pintopinterest

A new mommy and her first born child photographed for their Dallas lifestyle newborn session.pintopinterest


New parents at home with their first baby girl for their in home newborn session in Dallas.pintopinterest

A sweet newborn bottom cradled in daddypintopinterest




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